Chinese Tuition in Singapore: Finding Top Tuition Centres in Singapore for the Chinese Language?

Chinese Tuition

Getting your child to master Chinese is tough, isn’t it?

And sometimes, hard work is not enough…

Your child can gain mastery of the language when they learn the Chinese language the smart way.

The School of Language and Communication (SLC) specialises in Chinese tuition (and English too) that does just that for your child.

Yes, parents – it is not about buying more learning materials!

We are your trusted tuition centre for the best Chinese language learning experience for students in the below grades:

  • PSLE

  • Primary school exams (class tests, SA, et cetera)

  • O Levels (normal and higher Chinese)

  • Secondary school exams (class tests, SA, et cetera)

Let us answer some common questions you may have for our Chinese tuition classes:

Question: Why should I choose SLC for Chinese tuition for my child?

We are one of the top-ranking Chinese tuition centres. Our Chinese tuition classes are trusted by the parents of students from different schools, such as:

  • Nanyang Girls’ High School

  • Maris Stella High School

  • Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School

  • Catholic High School

  • Chung Cheng High School (Main)

  • And many more!

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Our Chinese language students range from primary school to secondary school levels.

Whether it is to prepare a student for Mandarin Chinese O level examinations, or PSLE, our Chinese tuition services are second to none in Singapore.

Our Chinese tutors specialise in all age groups and syllabus to cater to every student.

To prove that, parents have shown us how much their children have improved.

Just look at how our P6 student was scoring 38% initially and is now top of the class in Chinese!

Another student of ours progressed with SA1 overall of 64% to SA2 overall of 83%!

Question: Are your Chinese tutors highly experienced?

We understand that every parent wants the best for their children,

Our tuition centre comprises former Chinese language teachers who have the know-how to what your child needs to learn to do well in his or her Chinese exams.

Every Chinese tuition teacher is highly experienced and equipped with the best learning materials and lessons planned.

Beyond grades, our teachers have a balance of aptitude and attitude.

Our teachers share the same hope for your child to do well, as you do too.

Our tutors are effectively bi-lingual, making it easy for teachers to communicate even with students who might have difficulty conversing in Chinese.

Excellent Chinese tuition at SLC

Question: How is the teaching environment for Chinese tuition at SLC?

While it is important to have Chinese tutors with exceptional teaching experience,

Your child’s capabilities in Chinese can be groomed in an environment that allows them to learn at a comfortable pace.

Our Chinese lessons and Chinese tutors will provide a comfortable learning environment.

We balance the need to complete the school and examination syllabus with methods that will help them master the language as well.

Our Chinese tutor will focus on building “comprehension” over “memory”.

We will help your child identify what questions are asking for, how to articulate properly and so on.

Too many private Chinese home tutors are charging an absurd fee for tuition lessons that focus on memorising the right answers, rather than building a strong base for language development and skills.

We aspire to help all children and students find their potential and grow in confidence toward the Chinese language.

Chinese Tuition at SLC – Getting Started with Diagnostic Test

Before class enrollment, SLC will conduct a diagnostic test to gauge the following of your child’s:


Their holistic language in Chinese and/or English (how they communicate in Mandarin, do they understand characters in the Chinese language, et cetera).



Whether your child is a visual, auditory and/or kinaesthetic learner, we will cater the lessons for your child’s benefit to ensure language mastery.


Our tuition centre aims to study what motivates students, and which Chinese tutors would suit your child’s personality.

Request for this test to get started with us!

Students will then be allocated to suitable Chinese tuition classes based on the matrix.

Chinese Tuition at SLC – Core banded classes

Our tuition centre offers core banded classes which refer to group lessons with students of similar background experience.

The class size will remain small to optimise your child’s learning experience and language skills.

The group tuition options available are arranged as per the following:

  • The students’ similar learning abilities

  • Cognitive-behavioural skills

  • Performance in school (if they are getting D7, C6, or any other grade)

Students with similar grade ranges will be put together.

Your child does not have to feel embarrassed as a speaker or writer as the other students will be at a relatable pace and level.

Your child’s learning abilities and cognitive-behavioural personality will be matched with the teaching methods. Students who prefer auditory learning will have lessons conducted with reading aloud activities. Relevant methods will be similarly applied for visual or kinaesthetic learners.

Our tuition centre offers core banded classes for the English and Chinese languages.

Chinese Tuition at SLC – Foundation Classes

Many students struggle with a basic grasp of vocabulary, semantics and especially Hanyu Pinyin. As a gauge, many lower primary school students have lower literacy and can only read K2-K4 Mandarin vocabulary.

For those aiming to achieve a basic understanding of the Chinese language, foundation classes are available for them to work strengthening the foundation of their Chinese.

Students who have attended our foundation classes have shown improvements in their scores.

We have taught P4 children that were getting 30% for class tests who hit 92% in their recent tests!

In 2018, one of our PSLE students received 87% for the Chinese exam when he has been bordering on 38% during prelim. Amazing growth in a short period of time!

Chinese Tuition at SLC – Online and Physical classes

We currently offer both physical and online classes to all students.

We encourage flexibility and do not want students to miss out on lessons.

In other words, students who cannot attend physically on specific days are welcomed to attend online via Zoom.

Contact us for the best Chinese tuition in Singapore

Too many students learn the Chinese language solely for examination papers and Chinese studies.

Appreciating the language and working on comprehension is the key to unlock your child’s capabilities in Chinese.

So here at SLC, we strive for students to not only excel – but to enjoy the learning experience with our highly experienced bilingual Chinese tutors.

For more questions and inquiries, click here to contact us directly.