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SLC Has Identified the Perfect Chinese Learning Strategies to Achieve At Least a 1-2 Grade Jump in 8 Weeks!

Has your child gone through countless assessment books and Chinese lessons without any effect on stagnant grades?

At this point, you may be as discouraged as they are. But there is a way to boost those results- your child can gain mastery of the language by learning Chinese the smart way.

Yes, parents – it is not about buying more learning materials!

SLC is your trusted Chinese tuition centre for the best language learning experience – here’s why:

The Proof is in the Results!

“From failing Chinese exams to scoring top in class!”

Alisha-S1 best chinese tutor

Alisha, Primary 6

“Progressed with SA1 overall of 64% to SA2 overall of 83%!”

matthew-p4-sa2 chinese learning

Matthew, Primary 4

“From 38% during prelim to 87% improvement just in time for PSLE!”
improved chinese examination with SLC chinese tuition

The Chinese language results we promise to deliver to primary and secondary school students:

✔ Continuous improvements in academic and language skills, including Chinese composition and oral communication

✔ Cultivate critical thinking skills that transfer to other aspects of their lives

✔ Enhanced confidence in presenting their ideas during Chinese studies

✔ Noticeably higher grades for school Chinese examination papers

How Our Chinese Tuition Helps Students’ Grades Soar Above and Beyond

Personalised Learning Process

At SLC, we believe that every child can master the Chinese language. What we don’t believe in is a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching Chinese.

Beginning with a free diagnostic assessment, we will evaluate your child in 3 key areas:

PSLE Chinese Tuition Singapore


To evaluate their favoured method of learning—visual, auditory, or kinesthetic (VAK)—and understand their memorisation style.


Behavioural combination refers to your child’s motivation and attitude towards learning Chinese and other subjects at home and school.


Beyond hearing, speaking, reading, and writing skills, SLC also evaluates students’ comprehension and interpretive capabilities, vocabulary size, and ability to express themselves.

We then use your child’s results to cultivate the most suitable teaching experience and conducive learning environment.

Core Banded Chinese Tuition Classes

Excellent Chinese tuition at SLC
Our diagnostic test allows us to categorise small groups of students with similar needs and preferences into core banded classes.

This allows each Chinese language teacher to teach at a pace that caters to individual needs.

Your child’s progress is evaluated regularly, making it easy to know when it’s time to change their current curriculum or move them up to a higher banded class.

Foundational and Top-Up Chinese Tuition Classes

chinese enrichment lessons
SLC provides foundational classes to secondary and primary students to build up fundamental Chinese skills, such as Hanyu Pinyin and Chinese characters literacy, without overwhelming them.

Once a strong foundation is established, these students will join the regular banded Chinese tuition class.

SLC also offers top-up Chinese tuition classes to those struggling with specific skills or exam sections such as oral, composition and comprehension.

Unique Modular Approach to Teaching Chinese

chinese tuition in singapore
Our Chinese tuition fosters deeper comprehension of Chinese by implementing a step-by-step approach that breaks down the Chinese school syllabus into bite-sized topics.

Rather than forcing students to answer drill practice after drill practice, we break down comprehension and composition into conceptual modules.

Our unique way of teaching Chinese gives students a better grasp of understanding question types and applying answering strategies.

Experienced Chinese Tutors

chinese language tuition (1)

Every Chinese tutor at SLC is well-versed in the school syllabus, helping students excel in their school and national exams.

Furthermore, we want our students to understand and appreciate the Chinese language as a whole, not just a subject.

Our dedicated and passionate teachers are also effectively bilingual, providing English translations to help students better comprehend the language and build their Chinese vocabulary.

Flexible Physical and Online Lessons

online chinese tuition
Your child can be taught by the most experienced tutors and take all the advice in the book. But, without a class that accommodates their schedule, they will still struggle.

SLC realises how limiting this simple inconvenience can be.

With our IT-enabled classrooms, students can conveniently switch between physical and online Chinese lessons, no matter their logistical needs.

Top-Rated Chinese Tuition in Singapore

At SLC, our reputation and how our students excel speak for themselves.

Our teaching methods are endorsed by parents like you, earning us media features on media outlets we Singaporeans all know and love.

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Ready to See the Improvements with Your Own Eyes?

Choose Your Preferred Chinese Tuition Class:

PSLE Chinese Tuition

This Chinese mastery programme aims to give your child the highest possible chances for PSLE by cultivating a solid foundation during crucial formative years.

Additionally, this Chinese tuition class includes timed practice sessions and mock PSLE papers, so they have an idea of what it’s like come the actual exam.

Secondary School Chinese Language Tuition

Our secondary Chinese tuition classes are designed to take your child’s foundational skills to the next level.

Here, your child will experience more in-depth, dynamic comprehension of various topics in Chinese, helping them excel and get into their preferred Junior College or Polytechnic.

Higher Chinese Tuition Classes

SLC bridges the gap between Higher Chinese and standard Chinese syllabi for students to ace their Higher Chinese marks.

Our Higher Chinese classes are open to students across all levels, including primary, secondary, and SAP schools.

Set Your Child up for Success with SLC’s Chinese Tuition!

Too many students learn the Chinese language solely for examination papers and Chinese education requirements.

Appreciating the language and working on comprehension is the key to unlocking your child’s capabilities in Chinese.

So here at SLC, we strive for students to excel and enjoy the learning experience with our highly experienced bilingual Chinese tutors.

Pave the way for a successful future by starting with a FREE Diagnostic Assessment!