Does your child find writing essays in English difficult? Are they struggling with specific English vocabulary at school? Are they getting low marks for spelling quizzes in class?

The English language can be challenging, with all of its rules for grammar and its inconsistent pronunciation, it’s no wonder your child might be struggling!

Fear not, English isn’t an impossible language to master, it only requires a lot of practice for kids to fully grasp!

Keep reading to find out more about how you can help your child improve their English skills from home!

Find Free Resources

There are tons of free English learning resources online. Apps, websites, games and the like. Since everything is available for free, there is no need for you to spend extra money on anything!

There are plenty of learning resources online that especially cater to kids too! English language websites and apps are in abundance on the Internet. Many are specifically designed to be fun to engage younger users.

Download A Dictionary App!

free resources

One free English learning resource is Dictionary apps. You can easily download an English dictionary app on your child’s mobile device! A dictionary is an extremely useful tool for building your child’s vocabulary and sentence structure.

Dictionary apps aren’t just dictionaries anymore either. Some dictionary apps like provide additional features, such as word games, quizzes, word of the day and vocabulary pronunciation.

Features like educational games can help your child thoroughly improve their English skills all from one app. The vocabulary pronunciation feature is particularly useful for your child’s listening practice.

Not to mention that they can also look up the definitions of new words they came across a few clicks away, a more convenient way to learn beyond the classroom setting.

The more words they search for, the more words they will understand and use in their everyday life!

Imitate Speech

listening practice

Imitating native speakers is one of the most effective methods to learn English.

It effectively exposes students to various skills needed to learn the English language, such as listening, grammar structure, and introduces kids to new words.

You can do this by letting your child watch Youtubers who are native English speakers.

Alternatively, you can also make them watch English movies, this can help them listen to realistic everyday dialogue that they can use in their everyday life.

There are four steps to effectively imitating a native speaker’s speech.

Firstly, students should listen to how the speaker crafts a sentence. When listening, they should focus on how the speaker is pronouncing certain words and the flow of their voice when speaking.

Then, they should repeat the sentence that they heard, and record themselves in doing so.

Next, they should compare how they sound and how the native speaker sounds. Through recording, your child will be able to notice how they sound different and adjust their speech accordingly.

Once they are able to speak well enough, they can flaunt their speech to their friends and teachers in the classroom!

Writing A Blog

english speaking

For your child to improve their English writing skills, they have to practice writing. There isn’t any other way around it.

But writing doesn’t have to be boring! It can be fun too!

Writing a blog is one way to improve a child’s writing skills. As we all know, children can thrive when given a creative platform. A blog can give them the creative freedom to write about things they are interested in, and further challenge their English skills.

They can write fictional short stories, poems, journal entries, opinion pieces, movie reviews and so much more through blogging!

Furthermore, blogs are also a fun and free platform for writing because kids can add links, videos, pictures and other media to their writing.

Your child can also choose their own template for their blog that they feel best suits their aesthetic!

However, in the beginning of the blog writing process, your child might be stumped by choice because they can’t think of what to write. To help them, you can provide them with some easy writing prompts to start off with!

Some great websites to make blogs include,, and

Bring Your Child SLC!

We at SLC want to see your child succeed in their English language learning journey! Our facilities provide kids with state of the art language learning resources.

We understand that your child is probably tired of being in a normal classroom with typical boring teachers. Here at SLC, we incorporate a combination of creative learning materials, so that your child can enhance their English speaking and writing skills in a fun way!

What’s more, SLC doesn’t believe in the conventional ‘one size fits all approach’, we believe that each child is unique and are attuned to different learning needs.

Because of this, we’ve carefully designed a comprehensive diagnostic assessment test to find out the perfect learning style for your child. Through this test, we can better cater to your child’s individual learning style!

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