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primary and secondary students

English is a global language and it’s very important to have a good command of the language not just to score well in exams but also for their career to come.

Learning English helps you to communicate effectively and present yourself coherently.

Mastery of the English language doesn’t just require practice, but also interest.

Not only will it help your child to articulate themselves better, but their grades will also automatically improve as well.

SLC can help your child ACE!

SLC is an English tuition centre that ensures continuous improvements in your child using a more personalised approach compared to other tuition centres.

SLC focuses on providing engaging English tuition classes for your child coupled with our combination of creative materials.

This creates a learning environment where students can feel comfortable speaking and writing in English.  

When a student is confident in their English abilities, you’ll not only see their grades improve but the way they express themselves too. 

Curious about what makes SLC so special? Let’s take a look!

Why English tuition at SLC?

SLC does not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach.

Each part of our learning strategies complements one another to help primary and secondary students build a solid foundation in English.

That’s not all we have!

Read on to find out why SLC is the best English tuition centre for your child.

Free Diagnostic Assessment

SLC understands that every child has different learning needs and pace.

We offer free diagnostic assessments in our tuition centre for your child to find out the perfect learning style.

You may wonder how this diagnostic assessment can help your child so here’s a breakdown!

PSLE Chinese Tuition Singapore

The diagnostic assessment evaluates students in 3 key areas:


(Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic)

To evaluate their favoured method of learning and understand their memorization style.


To study what motivates them to learn, their relationship with languages and academic subjects at school and at home, what makes a good teacher-student match, and which students to place them with in order to create the best learning environment and dynamics possible.


SLC evaluates students’ hearing, speaking, reading, and speaking abilities, as well as their comprehension (and interpretive) abilities, vocabulary size, and ability to express themselves in English.

Using these three assessments, SLC can determine a suitable class to put your child in.

With a teaching style that your child likes and the presence of peers of similar ability, your child will be happy and interested to learn English.

Ready to see your child master English before your eyes?

Assessment-Based Classes

Assessment based classes

SLC believes that every student is unique, which means the learning experience should be tailored to that.

We group students with similar learning strengths and cognitive-behavioural combinations so that our teachers can teach at a suitable pace for the students.

Students’ progress is evaluated on a regular basis and necessary changes will be made to their “banded lessons.”

For example, a student who shows great improvement will be moved to a higher banded class to suit your child’s learning pace.

You don’t need to worry about your child being left behind at SLC!

​Physical and Zoom Classes

primary school student with smart sheets and english tutor

SLC offers both physical and virtual English tuition classes to cater to any logistical needs.

Parents who are affected by the Covid-19 need not worry about not having enough time to teach their children.

SLC is here for you!

Our physical sessions are hybrid (physical+online) with IT-enabled classrooms in response to the endemic Covid-19 situation.

Students who are unable to attend physical classes on any given day will be able to log in online and will not miss any classes.

School accredited Tutors

MOE accredited tutors

Our English teachers mostly majored in English Language and Literature, Sociology or equivalent disciplines.

Our tutors are familiar with the Primary and Secondary English syllabi which have increased in complexity over the years.

We also keep up to date with the newest teaching methods, including the latest formats, to match the syllabi.

With our accredited tutors, SLC ensures that your child will learn the newest syllabus in the education system.

Scoring high marks is more than just writing well.

SLC’s accredited tutors will teach your child the best answering techniques to earn more marks in their exams.

A few marks can go a long way in achieving the best grade!

Modular Teaching Approach

Modular Teaching Approach

SLC uses modular teaching methodologies where we break down comprehension and composition into conceptual modules to further students’ understanding.

We teach students to recognise question types and guide them towards modelling the correct answers instead of just giving them a full comprehension paper to do in each tuition class.

With this teaching strategy, it doesn’t matter what kind of question is given to your child because they already know the technique to answer them.

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English Tuition Classes Offered

SLC offers classes for the below grades:


PSLE English Tuition Class

Is your child’s PSLE exam coming up? Do you wish to send them to the best English tuition in Singapore?

Our expert PSLE English Tutors at SLC is here to help your child achieve high marks on the PSLE English Exam.

PSLE English-specific materials are provided by SLC to ensure students have the best head start in preparing for their PSLE English tests.

Our PSLE English Tutors frequently offer timed practise sessions as well!

This provides students with the learning experience of performing in a mock PSLE exam setting, easing their nerves before taking their exams.


Primary English Tuition Class

Our Primary English Teachers in SLC will be able to equip your child with the necessary skill sets to excel, whether they are transitioning from preschool to primary or studying for the PSLE.

Learning how to successfully analyse comprehension passages are just a few of the essential skills that our Primary English Tutors will cover.

Our Primary English Teachers work hard to ensure that our students have a strong foundation in English to prepare them for secondary school.


Secondary English Tuition Class

While subjects like Math or Science requires constant practice of formulas, English isn’t so straightforward.

Studying for English needs comprehension and a deep understanding of the language.

SLC has a different approach to make tuition enjoyable for your child!

Our Secondary English Tutors focuses strongly on strengthening students’ foundations and assisting them in excelling in their secondary years.

Are you ready for your child to improve?


O-Levels English Tuition Class

We understand how difficult studying for the O Levels can be.

Our O Level English Tutors are exceptionally capable and dedicated to assisting students in achieving their desired results.

With a customized curriculum, our O Level English Tutors provides students with extremely useful tools and materials, such as essay guides or vocabulary banks.

Investing in O Level English Tuition is akin to investing in your child’s future.

Regardless of grades, English is a language that your child will be using well beyond school.

Get Free Diagnostic Test for Your Child

Assessing your child’s strengths and weaknesses will provide insight into your child and their learning needs.

This allows our teachers to identify the areas that our students’ require extra support in.

Find out the best way to help improve your child’s grades today!

SLC English Tuition FAQs

How can I get SLC’s Timetable?

As our classes are not one-size-fits-all, we do not publicly share our timetables.

We highly recommend booking a free diagnostic assessment first!

You can share your preferred days and timings before the assessment so that we could advise on the availability. We are able to offer a suitable class timing 99% of the time.

Can I have a 1-1 tutor for my child?

While we do not provide 1-1 tuition, our teachers are open to offering academic consultation (zoom/physical/WhatsApp/Telegram/Google Meet) at no extra cost (subject to their availability).