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As the world becomes increasingly global, ensuring that your child has a good command of English has never been more critical.

But as you know, practice and memorisation alone aren’t enough—they must first develop an interest in mastering the language.

With all the English tuition centres in Singapore – how do you know which is the right one to cultivate that interest?

Our English Tutors Can Light Up that Spark!

Our English tutors at SLC understand that every child learns differently.

Thus, when you enrol your child in our English tuition centre, they can look forward to a personalised learning process that prioritises their preferences.

The English tuition results we promise to deliver across primary and secondary levels:

  • Continuous improvements in academic skills, including essay writing and oral communication
  • Cultivate critical thinking skills that transfer to other aspects of their lives
  • Enhanced confidence in presenting their ideas
  • Noticeably higher grades for school examination papers
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The Proof is in the Results!

students improve in school exams with slc english lessons

How SLC’s English Tuition in Singapore Makes This Possible

At this point, you may wonder if it’s really possible to improve this much, especially if your child’s English grades have been stagnant.

And while we believe that the proof is in the results, we’re also confident enough to share why our English language teaching methods work.

Personalised Learning Process

At SLC, we believe that every child can master English. What we don’t believe in is a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching English.

Beginning with a free profile banding assessment, we will evaluate your child in 3 key areas:

PSLE Chinese Tuition Singapore


To evaluate their favoured method of learning—visual, auditory, or kinesthetic (VAK)—and understand their memorisation style.


Behavioural combination refers to your child’s motivation and attitude towards learning language and other subjects at home and school.


Beyond hearing, speaking, reading, and writing skills, SLC also evaluates students’ comprehension and interpretive capabilities, vocabulary size, and ability to express themselves.

We then use your child’s results to decide on the most suitable teaching approach and which students to group them with for the best learning environment possible.

Assessment-based Banded Classes

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We group students with similar learning strengths and cognitive-behavioural combinations so that our teachers can teach at a suitable pace for the students.

With a teaching style that your child likes and the presence of peers of similar ability, your child will be happy and interested to learn English.

Your child’s progress is evaluated regularly, making it easy to know when it’s time to change their current curriculum or move them up to a higher banded class.

Hybrid Classes

private english tutor for primary & secondary school students
Your child can be taught by the best English tutors and take all the advice in the book. But, without a class that accommodates their schedule, they will still struggle.

SLC realises how limiting this simple inconvenience can be.

With our IT-enabled classrooms, students can conveniently switch between physical and online tuition classes, no matter your child’s logistical needs.

Now, even with a packed schedule, your child doesn’t have to miss a day of learning.  

Competent School-Accredited Tutors

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Our dedicated team of highly-qualified tutors are effectively bilingual with decades of teaching experience.

They are also kept up-to-date with the newest teaching methods and the latest English national examination formats to match the latest MOE English syllabus.

All our students will learn the best answering techniques for tackling English exam questions to ace their English examinations!

Modular Teaching Approach

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At SLC, we are all about active learning.

Instead of assigning the usual past-year English national examinations exercises and calling it a day, we break down comprehension and composition into conceptual modules, teaching students critical thinking skills.

This modular teaching approach allows your child to recognise question types, model the correct answers, and develop a suitable technique to answer them.

Ready to See the Improvements with Your Own Eyes?

Choose an English Tuition Class:

SLC offers the following English language classes:


PSLE English Tuition Class

This English mastery programme is based on the PSLE National English Examination itself to give your child the highest possible chances.

This English tuition class includes timed practice sessions and mock PSLE exams, so they have an idea of what it’s like come the actual exam.


Primary School English Tuition Classes

Is your child transitioning from preschool? Or are they studying for the PSLE already?

Regardless of where they are, our primary English tuition tutors can ensure they have a strong foundation in the English language.


Secondary School English Tuition Classes

Our Secondary English Tuition Classes are designed to take your child’s foundational skills to the next level.

Here, your child will experience more in-depth, dynamic comprehension of various topics in English, helping them excel and get into their preferred Junior College or Polytechnic.


O-Levels English Tuition Class

O-Levels English Tuition Classes at SLC are an investment in your child’s future.

Thus, our ambitions for them do not stop with passing their O-Level exams. We want them to excel and carry on their advanced English Language skills well beyond school.

Is Your Child Ready for an Increasingly Global World?

Help your child thrive in this world by starting with a FREE Profile Banding Assessment!

An assessment will allow our English tuition teachers to find the perfect learning style for your child and see which areas they need extra support.

We can set the schedule that best suits your child during the evaluation.

Please note that no 1-1 private English tuition classes are available.

Don’t wait; take advantage of SLC’s profiled banding approaches, tried-and-tested methods, and the expertise of our excellent English tutors today.

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