Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Current Students


Will there be a makeup lesson if my child is absent for a lesson?

Makeup Policy as of 1 Jan 2024


1. Absences with valid reasons, such as illness, medical appointments, family emergencies, or official school events (with school consent form or official school announcement document), enable students to request for makeup lessons. Submission of official document proof will be required to be considered as Absent with Valid Reason.
2. Other absences with reasons that do not fall under above scope will not be eligible for makeup lessons by default. To appeal, it will be strictly on a case-by-case basis, subject to the full consideration by SLC’s Academic Management team. (e.g., Absent without official leave/No call no show).
3. Makeup lessons cannot be refunded or offset in the current or following month’s fee.
4. No refunds or additional replacement lessons will be provided if a student misses a scheduled makeup lesson.

How to Request Makeup Lessons:

1. Parents or students are required to notify the school at least 48 hours (2 days) before the actual regular lesson, providing reasons and, where possible, relevant documentation.
2. Makeup lessons can be requested through the Google Form or via WhatsApp at +65 8874 4870, following the communication protocols of SLC.

Makeup Lesson Scheduling:

1. SLC’s Academic Management team will make reasonable efforts to schedule makeup lessons at a mutually reasonable time, subject to availability.
2. Makeup lessons may be scheduled during designated periods, considering teacher availability and available resources.
3. Replacement lessons may be conducted by a tutor other than the regular tutor and in a class size larger than 4 students.
4. Up to 1 replacement lesson per week, not exceeding 2 replacement lessons in a month, based on availability.
5. All makeup lessons must be consumed within two months; exceeding this period will be considered forfeited.

Click here for the makeup lesson arrangement form.

I am unable to log into Zoom / Google Meet (technical issues)

Do not worry! If you are unable to log into Zoom / Google Meet due to technical issues, please send a text message to our support team at or +65 8874 4870. If the issue cannot be resolved in time, please do not worry, we will arrange for a makeup lesson. Kindly drop our support team a message at or +65 8874 4870. We will arrange for it promptly. Thank you for your patience and kind understanding!

What if I am planning a holiday getaway or break for my child after exams?

For June and Nov/Dec holidays, you could write in to us at to freeze your account for a maximum of two weeks each major holiday.

Freezing account means that you will not be invoiced for the lessons during the stipulated period. However, in the event that our computer generated invoices still bills you incorrectly (sometimes technical hiccups happen), please drop us a text message or +65 8874 4870. Alternatively, you could also email us at Our team may take up to 7 working days to process your request.

While taking a short break can be beneficial, we do not encourage students to miss too many lessons as learning is about consistency and regularity. Prioritising learning is key to doing well.

Lessons are generally only once or twice week, for 1.5 hours each. Maintaining a stable learning momentum is very important.

More than 97% of our students continue regular classes during school holidays as their families believe in consistency and it has shown a positive correlation in their learning attitudes and academic results.

I am experiencing special circumstances (i.e. hospitalisation, family emergency)

If you are experiencing special circumstances and is unable to attend class, please drop us a text message or +65 8874 4870. Alternatively, you could also email us at Our team may take up to 7 working days to process your request.

I am a close contact of a Covid case / under quarantine

For the safety of everyone and in accordance with Singapore’s safety management measures, please do not attend physical classes. Classes are now all hybrid enabled (online and offline lessons can be conducted simultaneously).

In the event that you are not able to attend online lesson in time, do not worry.

Please drop us a text message or +65 8874 4870. Alternatively, you could also email us at

Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Take care and stay safe.

Can I skip lessons during exam period?

As preparing for a school exam (1 week before exam and during exam period) is a valid reason, you are eligible to submit a makeup request. The makeup lessons are usually made during the next available timing or during school holidays.

Makeup lessons can be arranged for such circumstances as fees will be charged as per usual. Credits for such missed lessons cannot be used to offset future regular lessons and only be used to arrange for makeup lessons with a validity of 6 months from the respective dates of missed lessons. Strictly no refund will be made for missed lessons that students did not request for makeup lessons promptly.

Will my child be automatically enrolled in the course for the following year?

Yes. If we do not receive any advance notice from parents, our system will automatically enroll all students in the folllowing year. For example, P5 students will be automatically enrolled in P6 course/s when they are promoted to P6.

We run a loyalty programme for existing students who continue to stay with SLC. Such students enjoy the old fee structure from the time they are enrolled at SLC.

Students who consume their deposits will be considered as new students and are subjected to the latest fee structures.

Can the teacher help to mark and go through my child's school assignments?

If your child requires additional assistance with his/her school homework or any assignment outside our curriculum, please note that we are happy to assist so long as it is within reasonable means (does not disrupt our existing curriculum and lesson time). Please send us a soft copy of key pointers you would like our teacher to advise. We are not able to cater to last minute requests such as going through school homework which needs to be submitted within the week.

Please also note that marking of assignments outside of our standard curriculum may incur additional charges:

  • $3 per marking full test paper (up to 15 pages with no more than 1 comprehension OE or 1 essay topic mutually exclusive)
  • $5 (in blocks of 5 mins) charge per going through full paper

How can I communicate with my child's tutor(s)?

Our classes are typically back to back and if you would like to hear from the teacher:

  • Monthly progress updates will be provided if the need arises (eg. student is struggling with lessons; student needs to have crash course).
  • You may also directly message the teacher via Google Classroom.
  • If you have something extensive to share with the teacher, you may also request for a call/zoom meeting with the teacher (on-demand basis) through our friendly academic specialists. Just Whatsapp text us (WhatsApp calling and direct mobile calling are not advised as sometimes our telephony system doesn’t register missed calls. We do not want to miss your call.) at +65 8874 4870. Our academic specialists will schedule you to our teacher’s queue of Parent-Teacher meetings. Typically, calls tend to be prioritised over Zoom meetings.

Prospective students


Do you have a timetable for me to see what classes I could my child enrol in?

As our classes are not one-size-fits-all, we do not publicly share our timetable/s. We highly recommend interested parents/students to book a free profile banding assessment with our support team at or +65 8874 4870. Slots are limited and arranged on first-come-first-served basis.

The free profile banding assessment assesses students on 3 aspects:

1. Learning Style (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) – for us to understand about student memory retention and learning pace so that our teachers could use a suitable teaching strategy

2. Behaviourial combination – like a psychological assessment to find out what motivates students to learn (as well as what demotivated them)

3. Language proficiency

With the results, our assessment team can then recommend suitable class arrangements for your child.

Our classes are classified into:

1. Core banded classes – students with similar learning abilities are narrowly grouped to enable teachers to address similar learning gaps and teach at a suitable pace

2. Foundation classes – for students who have bigger learning gaps (i.e. P6 student with a reading proficiency of P3 or a S3 student with a reading proficiency of P4)

3. Functional classes – tiered composition, oral and other functional classes to enhance a certain area of your child

If you are concerned if the timings may suit your child, don’t worry. You could share your preferred days and timings before the assessment so that we could advise on the availability. We are usually able to offer a suitable class timing, 99% of the time.

Where do your English teachers come from?

Our teachers are mostly former instructors and teachers who specialise in English language.

Our English teachers mostly majored in English Language and Literature, Sociology or equivalent disciplines. Hence, they are qualified to teach the Primary and Secondary English syllabi which has increased in complexity over the years.

For example, top Primary English compositions today demand correct use of literary devices (something that used to be taught only in Secondary English literature) while Secondary English narrative comprehension questions now test students on aspects that were only exclusive to English literature.

This requires our teacher staffing process to be more rigorous in order to provide our students with high quality English education and prepare them well for major examinations.

Where do your Chinese teachers come from?

Our teachers are mostly former instructors and teachers who specialise in Chinese language.

Our Chinese teachers mostly majored in Chinese Studies or equivalent disciplines. Hence, they are qualified to teach the Primary and Secondary Chinese and Higher Chinese syllabi which has increased in complexity over the years.

As bilingualism is a strong feature at SLC, our Chinese teachers are mostly locals and must be effectively bilingual. This is to help students who struggle with the Chinese language to learn better. With a team of mostly local Chinese teachers, we have a collective understanding about the challenges local students face with learning Mandarin. Some of which include:

1. habitually translating English to Chinese

2. lacking Chinese vocabulary

3. not having a Chinese speaking environment

Internally, regular teacher training is conducted to keep our teachers abreast of the latest syllabi, exam formats, school marking schemes, educational technologies and teaching strategies. Non-local teachers are regularly trained in English translation and Singapore student culture so that they can better communicate with our students for effective Chinese learning.

Do you have a curriculum and what materials are being used?

Unlike most other tuition chains that enforce highly structured curricula that tend to be overly rigid and may not meet individual learning needs, we adopt a semi-structured curriculum that gives teachers and students greater level of autonomy and flexibility.

Our curricula are regularly vetted by our Academic Advisors who comprise retired senior teachers and HODs. See “Our Advisors” page for more info.

A semi-structured curriculum allows teachers to quickly adapt to student needs and address learning gaps. For example, student A has a Weighted Assessment for Paper 2 the following week and needs help in specific comprehension question types. He or she informs the teacher about 1-2 weeks in advance and the teacher is able to re-order our flexible curriculum to prioritise inferential comprehension question types for the following two weeks.

We use a diverse mix of materials: in-house written notes and materials adapted from past school papers and external assessment books. While high quality materials are important, we believe greater in building student conceptual understanding through guidance and nuturting student interest in the languages through engagement and relationship building.

The structured curricula are as follows:

1. Primary Chinese and Higher Chinese core banded classes

P6 students are put in P6 classes that are taught at a suitable learning pace. Classes are taught in accordance with the school textbook syllabus and exam formats.

2. Secondary Chinese and Higher Chinese core banded classes

Classes are taught in accordance with the school exam formats.

3. Primary English core banded classes

Classes are taught in accordance with the Stellar and school exam formats.

4. Secondary English core banded classes

Classes are taught in accordance with the lower secondary and N and O level exam formats.

5. Primary Chinese foundation classes

Classes are tiered in accordance with students’ actual language proficiencies.

For example, a P6 student with a reading proficiency of P3 will receive revision of high frequency P3-5 words that will appear in P6 exam papers. They will usually be trained in sentence construction, word matches, reading comprehension and note taking.

6. Secondary Chinese foundation classes

Classes are tiered in accordance with students’ actual language proficiencies.

A S3 student with a reading proficiency of P4 will receive revision of high frequency P4-S2 words that will appear in S3 exam papers. They will usually be trained in sentence construction, word matches, reading comprehension, composition and email writing.

Do you offer 1-1 tuition?

We strongly believe in the effectiveness of our narrowly banded small group classes that have helped batches and batches of students achieve top results. While we do not provide 1-1 tuition, our teachers are open to offering academic consultation (zoom/physical/WhatsAppp/Telegram/Google Meet) at no extra cost especially nearing examination periods (subject to their availability).

Do you have a location other than Marymount/Bishan?

Our lessons are available both physically outside Marymount MRT Exit B and online. Being centrally located in the Marymount/Bishan area, many students come from all parts of Singapore including Pasir Ris, Simei, Sengkang, Punggol, Jurong and Bukit Panjang. Students who have been on Zoom classes for most parts of 2020 due to Covid actually did very well for major exams. Last year, a student from our S4 batch improved from F9 to B3 for O level. Another from our P6 batch improved from C to A.

What is our teaching method?

We first conduct a profile banding assessment for our students. This includes:

1) learning style (visual, auditory or kinesthetic)
2) behavioural combination (an educational psychological assessment to find out what motivates them)
3) language proficiency

With the results, we will then identify their learning gaps (i.e. are they learning using the right method, what motivates them to learn, do they learn best by a detailed step-by-step instructional method or do they prefer conceptually understanding and creatively connecting the dots, are they by default more articulate and able to think out of the box or do they tend to be more reserved and interact via observation etc)

With this, we then provide our recommendations on areas for improvement, how we can strategically help students pull up their marks in essence of time and suitable teaching styles to meet their needs.

We generally have 4 bands for our classes for every level, proficiencies in increasing order (L1-4).

The assessor will match students according to the suitable class environment and pace for your child

Can I visit the centre to see the classrooms?

We apologise in advance for any inconveniences caused as we do not allow parents and guardians to enter our classrooms during visits. This is to prevent our ongoing classes from being disrupted as we wish to deliver the best lesson experience to all of our students. Thank you for your kind understanding!