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Congratulations! Your child has been extended the privilege of Higher Chinese Language classes!

However, once these Higher Chinese Language classes begin, it becomes apparent that your child can’t cope. Despite being enrolled in a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) School or showing promise in Chinese from primary school, your child cannot meet the linguistic requirements of Higher Chinese.

And it’s not their fault – Higher Chinese is known for being one of the most complex subjects available in Singapore schools. Higher Chinese instils undeniable benefits in students, but tackling the subject can prove an overwhelming feat for your child.

That’s where we come in – the School of Language and Communication (SLC) can help you save your child’s grades and boost their confidence in the language!

Our signature approach has helped students who take Higher Chinese across all levels:

  • Primary schools

  • Secondary schools

  • SAP schools

Want to know how we do it?

Keep on reading to learn more about our proven, effective methods to improve students’ grades in Higher Chinese, from primary to secondary school!

Common Struggles with Higher Chinese

Whether your child began Higher Chinese from P1 at a SAP school or progressed to Higher Chinese after review, there are many reasons why Chinese students struggle with this subject.

Despite the language being their mother tongue, Higher Chinese students commonly struggle with this subject because:

Common Struggles with Higher Chinese

Students require sudden, heightened levels of Chinese proficiency.

The difficulty of the subject causes them to lose interest.
Students need to memorise an extensive range of phrases and text for high marks.
Composition questions have higher requirements than just addressing the topic.
Students are unable to identify the preferred way of answering, causing low marks and demoralisation.

How SLC Prepares Students for Higher Chinese Language Class

Now that we’ve outlined the struggles children face with Higher Chinese Language let’s look at how SLC addresses these issues.


Diagnostic Assessment

To best understand your child’s learning needs, our signature diagnostic assessment helps us identify students’:

  • Learning style

  • Preferred behavioural combinations and learning conditions

  • Current language proficiency


Core Banded Classes

SLC’s diagnostic test allows us to categorise students into core banded classes. Each of these classes consists of a small group of students with similar learning styles, preferred learning conditions and Chinese proficiency.

This allows our tutors to teach at a pace that suits each class and cater to individual needs.


Bilingual, School-Accredited Chinese Tutors

All our tutors have had professional experience within the education system. Therefore, they are highly familiar with the Higher Chinese Language syllabus and requirements.

Furthermore, they are effectively bilingual as well. Although Chinese is students’ mother tongue, most children grew up speaking solely English. Thus, our tutors teaching in both languages helps students pick up Chinese as a second language more effectively.


Modular Breakdown of Curriculum

Instead of forcing students to practice past exams constantly, we break Higher Chinese Language topics down into conceptual modules. This provides students with the building blocks needed to

  • better comprehend question patterns

  • improve their answering strategies

  • build up the critical thinking skills required in Higher Chinese


Foundation Classes

Some of those who take Higher Chinese may lack the proper foundation required to learn Higher Chinese.

SLC provides foundational classes that build up fundamental skills without overwhelming students!

Once that base is there, these students will then join the regular banded classes.


Top-up Classes

We also cater to the unique individual needs of every student. For example, SLC offers top-up classes to students who are struggling over specific skills or exams sections.

Our options for the top-up programmes include:

  • speaking skills

  • composition skills

  • comprehension skills

Higher Chinese Tuition Singapore for Primary and Secondary School

We believe that all students can succeed in learning Chinese – they just haven’t found the right tools and approach to learning yet.

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