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In your child’s academic journey, the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a significant turning point.

Your child may feel anxious about it – in fact, many parents do as well. After all, PSLE is the first national examination your child will take in Singapore.

Prior to the PSLE, make sure your child has all they require so that they may concentrate on successful revision.

But what does that entail? How can you ensure your child gets into the secondary school they want?

In this article, we’ll break down the best ways to support your child in their learning process for PSLE exams!

When should my child start preparing for PSLE?

You should not wait for the release of the national examinations schedule to start your child’s PSLE revision.

Then, does that mean you should start preparing for PSLE as early as possible?

It would be wise to start planning ahead for your child, especially if you are considering the DSA exercise [DSA article] for secondary schools and junior college (JC) enrolment as skills and accomplishments take time to develop and obtain.

That said, it’s also crucial to avoid overworking your child and to give them time to rest, unwind, and play throughout the early years of primary school.

The curriculum is still reasonable for your child from Primary 1 to 2. Don’t forget to let them play and unwind – they are still a child, after all!

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Primary 3 & 4

This is the best time to start preparing for PSLE. In the early years of education, it is crucial for your child to build a strong foundation on school subjects.

Now is the time to work on their weaker topics, cultivate new skills, and fill in any knowledge gaps they may have.

Starting early has several benefits; particularly, you will have plenty of time to prepare your child at their own speed while balancing their studies with other aspects of their lives.

Your child will take school-based examinations in Primary 4.

Parents will need to have honest discussions with their children about their child’s strengths and needs in order to determine the best strategy when revising.

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Primary 5

Beginning with Primary 5, subject-based banding lasts through Primary 6. At this point, school teachers should have already covered several PSLE syllabi.

It is now a good time to practise selected PSLE exam tasks to help your child build stronger muscle memory and concept realisation techniques before the final exams.

Constant practice reduces anxiety and helps with identifying areas of weakness and bridging knowledge gaps.

At the end of Primary 5, you can get your child started on PSLE practice papers and assessment books so they can get acquainted with the examination format.

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Primary 6

Your kid will continue to study the PSLE-tested curricula and take the PSLE exams in Primary 6.

At this level, it is crucial that your child has a solid foundation because some of the new topics being learned will be built upon older topics.

Your child can now begin going through timed practices of PSLE past year papers and other schools’ exam papers to gain a sense of exam conditions.

Useful Tips for Parents When Preparing for PSLE Revision!

Provide Sufficient Support

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You should be available to your child as a parent in order to inspire, uplift, and assist them in getting good grades.

As your child prepares for PSLEs, they may go through extreme stress and anxiety. Be present and reassuring. Answer all of their queries and offer advice on any insecurities or questions they may have.

Supporting children during this time helps them feel positive and confident.

Make a Study Schedule with Your Kid

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A study timetable helps your child allocate ample time for revision and helps them remember what they learnt in class.

Organize study sessions on a calendar together with your child. This ensures that you both will adhere to the time put aside for revision.

At the end of each session, go through the practice paper to see whether your child can answer questions confidently. Develop techniques to improve your child’s understanding of a topic if necessary.

Make Sure Your Child Gets Enough Rest

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Most importantly, encourage your child to get enough rest in the lead-up to the PSLE national exam to keep his or her immune system healthy!

Studies have shown that getting enough sleep improves a student’s ability to focus and concentrate, which leads to improved grades.

On the other hand, not getting enough sleep can lead to memory loss, moodiness, and disorientation, which is not good for a student taking their final examinations.

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Most of the time, educational programmes adopt an exam-focused evaluation strategy. This method causes many students to struggle with learning despite being familiar with the topics.

In all honesty, the ability to recall every response during an exam has little to do with knowledge or intelligence.

To score high in exams, students need a skill that combines studying and memory retention. Unfortunately, not every student possesses this skill.

You may have exhausted all efforts to help your child with PSLE exams, but that doesn’t mean you should give up!

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