English grammar rules can be confusing and stressful for many students. So many words sound similar, but are spelled differently, and even carry different meanings. Even some adults sometimes misuse words like ‘their’ and ‘they’re’, or ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. It happens to the best of us.

Nonetheless, English grammar skills are important to understanding the English language! It is very useful not just for students sitting for English exams, but also for anyone who communicates in English.

Here are some basic tips that can help improve your child’s English grammar!


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Reading is the most important method to improve your child’s grammar skills. When children read, they are able to absorb and sense grammatically correct sentences in their minds. Some children prefer reading out loud, because it subconsciously teaches them how grammatically correct sentences and phrases sound, further ingraining what they’ve learned.

Furthermore, reading can help with your child make sentences using reflexive pronouns, verb tenses and other grammar rules. Reading creative writing in particular can become a fun way for them to learn a new English word while immersing themselves in a story!


Grammarly and ProWritingAid offer free extensions for your Google chrome browser that can be extremely helpful for your child’s English grammar learning.

The extension doesn’t just offer grammar and spell checks, but also provides its users with detailed reports on how your child can write better, for whatever it is they choose to write about!

It can even check for terminology issues, provides writing style improvements, pick out redundant vocabulary, and so much more! And the best part is, it’s completely free!

Not to mention, the extension doesn’t just work on Google Docs, your child can also use it when writing a tweet, post or message! This helps them apply their knowledge of grammar rules to every outlet of communication.

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It might seem redundant to go over the basics of your child’s English grammar, especially in addition to their grammar lessons at school. But spending some time to look over the basic foundations of grammar is will bring amazing results to your child’s progress.

This can be done the old fashioned way, through the average English grammar textbook that your child uses at school. You can go over some exercises with them to spot their most common grammar mistakes and do some similar practice exercises with them.

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There are many exceptional online and print resources you can use to improve your child’s English grammar. Many of these resources are free too!

A great example of a free grammar learning resource is internet famous Mignon Fogarty, famously known as Grammar Girl on Youtube. She hosts a weekly podcast and regularly posts videos that are tips for learners who are looking to have fun grammar lessons online! She also helps learners address common grammatical errors and makes learning English grammar exciting!

Grammar lessons don’t have to be in a lesson form either, there are plenty of free grammar games that are on the British Council website that your child can play!

All in all, if you know your child is struggling with grammar, set aside 10 minutes per day to do grammar practice exercises. Let this be a habit so that your child can learn grammar slowly but surely everyday.


When your child’s English tutor or teachers give them feedback on your child’s exam and homework, take note of what they say. The feedback will highlight certain grammatical topics that your child might be struggling with. They might have given comments on your child’s sentence structure, or whether your child has issues with subject-verb agreement.

Only with feedback can your child see their mistakes and improve their grammar. They can pinpoint what they need to work on more and what aspects they have already mastered. What this can do is make your child more thorough in proofreading their assignments, because they’ll be more active in looking for the flaws in their writing.


Hearing the sentences your child writes out loud helps them get the rhythm of grammar rules. Correct sentences can sound distinct from wrongly worded sentences.

Letting your child proofread their work out loud especially to you or another adult that is fluent in English can be a really effective way for them to learn English grammar. They’ll be more likely to pick out their own errors when they read it out loud, since another person is listening to them.


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