Makeup Policy Guidelines


 1. Absences with valid reasons, such as illness, medical appointments, family emergencies, or official school events (with school consent form or official school announcement document), enable students to request for makeup lessons. Submission of official document proof will be required to be considered as Absent with Valid Reason.

2. Other absences with reasons that do not fall under above scope will not be eligible for makeup lessons by default. To appeal, it will be strictly on a case-by-case basis, subject to the full consideration by SLC’s Academic Management team. (e.g., Absent without official leave/No call no show).

3. Makeup lessons cannot be refunded or offset in the current or following month’s fee.

4. No refunds or additional replacement lessons will be provided if a student misses a scheduled makeup lesson.

How to Request for Makeup Lessons 

1. Parents or students are required to notify the school at least 48 hours (2 days) before the actual regular lesson, providing reasons and, where possible, relevant documentation.

2. Makeup lessons can be requested through the Google Form or via WhatsApp at +65 8874 4870, following the communication protocols of SLC.

    Makeup Lesson Scheduling 

    1. SLC’s Academic Management team will make reasonable efforts to schedule makeup lessons at a mutually reasonable time, subject to availability

    2. Makeup lessons may be scheduled during designated periods, considering teacher availability and available resources.

    3. Replacement lessons may be conducted by a tutor other than the regular tutor and in a class size larger than 4 students.

    4. Up to 1 replacement lesson per week, not exceeding 2 replacement lessons in a month, based on availability.

    5. All makeup lessons must be consumed within two months; exceeding this period will be considered forfeited.

    Availability of Makeup Lessons 


    1. Availability of makeup lessons will depend on the availability of the teachers and any constraints related to class size or resources.
    2. Teachers may offer alternative makeup options, such as providing supplementary materials or resources, online tutorials, or recordings of missed lessons, if scheduling conflicts arise.


    1. Students are responsible for actively seeking makeup lessons, informing the school of their absences promptly, and providing necessary documentation.
    2. Parents/guardians should support their child in adhering to the makeup lesson policy and ensuring timely communication with the school.
    3. Teachers are responsible for facilitating makeup lessons, providing necessary materials, and ensuring that missed content is adequately covered during the makeup session.
    4. SLC Admin will maintain records of all makeup lesson requests, approvals, and scheduled makeup lessons for reference and documentation purposes.