OClass (coming soon)

Introducing our very first school app (from May 2021)


Getting Started

1) Download AOneSchools on your mobile phone via Google Play Store or iOS App Store

2) Log in with your email address registered with SLC

3) For students who have both parents/ guardians registered with us, please log in using the second guardian’s email and default password (which can be changed under point (3) below). For students who have only one parent registered with us, you may use your own email/ phone number given to the centre at the point of registration. (*For new students, please give us 3 working days to set up your account.)

4) The default password is password, otherwise, do a reset password by clicking on “Forget password”. A link to reset the password will be sent to your email.

5) Please enable PUSH NOTIFICATIONS for this mobile app. If not, you will not be able to promptly receive any updates from us.

Should you have any questions, you may WhatsApp us at 9487 0332 or email us at finance.slc.edu.sg@gmail.com.

1. Checking of class schedules (Regular and Rescheduled Classes)

2. Invoice and payment history

3. Replacement request