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Many secondary school students have trouble keeping up with Chinese lessons, finding it hard to utilise primary school Chinese knowledge for GCE O-level applications.

Scoring well during O-Level exams is crucial to getting your child into their school of choice. But unfortunately, Chinese exams might be the one thing that stands between your child and their post-secondary dreams.

SLC is the go-to tuition centre in Singapore for O-Level Chinese enrichment lessons that have consistently helped students improve their grades through our unique techniques.

But what makes our teaching methods different from other tutors?

Why SLC’s O-Level Chinese Tuition Class Works

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Student-Oriented Approach

In order to provide the most conducive learning environment, we conduct free profile banding assessments to identify secondary students across 3 key areas:

  • Learning style
  • Preferred behavioural combinations that facilitate learning
  • Current language proficiency

Our signature profile banding assessment ensures that our students get maximum benefits while engaging critical thinking skills and nurturing an appreciation for Chinese culture and language.

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Experienced O-Level Chinese Tutors

Our dedicated and passionate teachers are effectively bilingual, providing English translations to help students better comprehend the language.

Furthermore, all of SLC’s Chinese tutors are intricately familiar with the Chinese Language MOE syllabus and have gone through similar struggles with Chinese learning as local students.

Their valuable expertise and introspection produce a richer teaching experience, allowing students to work through their hurdles efficiently.


Core Banded O-Level Chinese Classes

SLC groups students of similar language skills and learning preferences into banded groups with small class size, enabling our tutors to teach at a pace that suits each class and caters to individual needs.

Your child’s progress is evaluated regularly, making it easy to know when it’s time to change their current curriculum or move them up to a higher banded class.

This ensures that students are constantly challenged in a stimulating but manageable way.


Modular Breakdown of O-Level Chinese Syllabus

Our Chinese tuition courses and lesson plans are specially designed to solidify students’ Chinese Language basics before proceeding to more complex topics.

Instead of constant practice papers and memorising answering techniques, we break Chinese language comprehension and composition into conceptual modules.

This helps students better comprehend question patterns and strategies for scoring those Chinese distinctions!


Foundational & Top-Up Classes

Our experience in the field has shown that many secondary-level students can only read Chinese language materials at a Primary 4-6 level.

Thus, before enrolling a student into the regular syllabus-based tuition groups, we provide foundation programmes to brush up on the Chinese language knowledge expected of secondary students:

  • speaking skills
  • essay writing skills
  • comprehension skills
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Flexible Classes

Your child can be taught by the best tutors and take all the advice in the book. But, without a class that accommodates their schedule, they will still struggle.

SLC realises how limiting this simple inconvenience can be.

With our IT-enabled classrooms, students can conveniently switch between physical and online lessons, no matter their logistical needs!

Trusted Chinese Tuition Centre for O-Levels

Our O-Level Chinese lessons are trusted by the parents of students from different schools, such as:

  • Nanyang Girls’ High School
  • Raffles Girls School
  • Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School
  • Catholic High School
  • Victoria School
  • And many more!
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Help Your Child Excel with SLC

It’s never too late to help your children!

SLC’s Chinese tuition for secondary students has proven effective methods that help our pupils improve.

See your child’s progress when you sign up for our Chinese tuition classes! Begin this collaborative journey with our signature profile banding assessment.

Is your child taking Higher Chinese Language instead?

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