GCE O-Level Chinese Tuition in Singapore

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Is your child struggling with the secondary-level Chinese syllabus in Singapore?

Many students have trouble keeping up with upper Chinese classes, finding difficulty in utilising primary school Chinese knowledge to satisfy GCE O-level applications.

There’s also greater pressure now: O-level examinations are the last hurdle before students graduate secondary school. Scoring well during O-Level exams is crucial to get him into their school of choice.

SLC is the go-to Chinese tuition centre in Singapore that has consistently helped students in improving their grades through our unique techniques.

Find out more about our proven methods for helping secondary students!

Why SLC’s GCE O-Level Chinese Tuition Works

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1. Student-Oriented Approach

In order to provide the most conducive learning environment, we conduct free diagnostic assessments to identify the following:

  • Your child’s learning style

  • Preferred behavioural combinations that facilitate learning

  • Your child’s current language proficiency

Our signature diagnostic test ensures that our students get maximum benefits, but in a way that mentally engages them and nurtures their appreciation for Chinese as a language and a subject.

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2. Bilingual Chinese Tutors with School Accreditation

All of SLC’s Chinese tutors are school accredited teachers that are effectively bilingual.

They have direct teaching experience within the system; their expert knowledge shines through in their ability to help students understand the school syllabus across all levels.

Furthermore, our bilingual tutors can communicate effectively in both English and Chinese. This is especially useful as most children speak English at home and it aids their ability to understand Chinese when they can switch between languages to get a better context for the syllabus.

Additionally, our tutors have gone through similar struggles with Chinese as local students, providing them with valuable introspection in teaching and connecting with students.


3. Core Banded Classes

SLC groups students into banded groups that have similar abilities and cognitive-behavioural combinations.

These core banded groups are also small in size, further helping our Chinese teachers effectively cater to the individual needs of every student.

When a student shows improvement, they are given the chance to move up to the next group. This ensures that the children are always challenged in a stimulating but manageable way.


4. Modular Breakdown of Syllabus

SLC designs courses and lesson plans in a systematic manner to solidify the student’s basics before proceeding to harder topics.

Instead of constant practice materials, we break comprehension and composition down into conceptual modules to help them better comprehend question patterns and strategies for scoring in their secondary school Chinese examinations.


5. Foundational & Top-Up Classes

Our experience in the field has shown that many secondary students can only read materials at a Primary 2-4 level.

Thus, before enrolling a student into the regular syllabus-based tuition groups, we provide foundation programmes to build fundamental skills and brush up on the Chinese language knowledge expected of a secondary student.

We also cater to the unique individual needs of every student. SLC offers top-up classes to students who are struggling over specific exams questions or sections to teach them unique techniques to score well.

Our options for the top-up programmes include:

  • speaking skills
  • essay writing skills
  • comprehension skills

Score in O-Level Chinese with SLC!

SLC’s Chinese tuition for secondary students has proven, effective methods that help our pupils improve.

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