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English Tuition Centres for Your Child

Most parents tend to have a difficult time trying to get their kids to learn and speak well in the English language.

Searching for tuition centres high and low, but still unsure which one is suitable for your child?

What if I told you that the School of Language and Communication (SLC) tuition centres can motivate your child for you?

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With a great track record and many success stories, SLC is the perfect tuition centre for your child.

Top-Rated Secondary English Tuition

All parents want their child to have good grades, be well-spoken, and be confident in themselves.

SLC strongly believes that any child can grow to be a smart, sophisticated student with the proper guidance in English.

Moreover, our goal isn’t just to help your child with their academic results in English.

We want to help nurture your child into the happy, confident, and well-spoken student that they can be!

Let’s take a look at the few challenges that most students face while learning English.

Challenges Faced by Secondary School Students

The transition from primary to secondary school for lower secondary students can be a difficult experience for some.

Having only learnt four topics in primary school, the additional subjects in secondary school may demoralise your child.

On top of that, the standard of language is also higher. Some struggle with the writing test for English Paper 1 while others have difficulty giving the right answers for comprehension questions in English Paper 2.

A demoralised child will definitely face some difficulties when they enter secondary school.

Children in huge class size developing poor communication skills

Here are some of the difficulties that SLC has identified:

Lower Secondary Students

(Secondary 1-Secondary 2)

  • Fear of Asking Questions

  • Difficulty Memorizing Overwhelming Content

  • Difficulty Applying Concepts When Answering Questions

  • Loss of Interest Due to Lack of Understanding

As for students in upper secondary, their focus has now changed to studying for O Levels.

With more complex topics and higher academic pressure, upper secondary students may find it harder to cope.

These are the few challenges when studying for O Levels:

Upper Secondary

(Secondary 3 – Secondary 5)

  • Poor Time Management in Academics due to CCA

  • Struggling to Gain Marks without Proper Guidance

  • Stress and Demotivation from Huge Workload

  • Lost of Confidence Due to Low Marks

All these issues are bound to take a toll on your child’s well being and grades, but not all hope is lost!

SLC offers assessment-based classes with accredited teachers to improve your child’s grasp of the English language and build their confidence.

But you don’t have to sign your child up yet.

Take our free diagnostic test to discover the best learning style for your child!

Why Should You Send Your Child to SLC?

Engaging Secondary English Tuition Classes

Team Of Students Learning Strategies Together for English

SLC understands that tuition classes can be boring and repetitive.

This is where our experienced and accredited teachers comes in!

Our English teachers mostly majored in English Language and Literature, Sociology or equivalent disciplines.

Having years of experience teaching English, SLC’s secondary school teachers develop fun and engaging tuition lessons to motivate students.

Being mostly former school instructors who specialise in the English language, our English tutors are qualified to teach the increasingly complex Secondary English syllabi.

Unique Secondary School English Tuition Curriculum

SLC doesn’t want to create mindless robots who just memorize and write.

We want to create thinkers, opportunists.

Besides focusing on comprehension and composition, we emphasise current world affairs in our English tuition classes.

By increasing students’ general knowledge, it allows them to grasp complex text topics and to write well-informed compositions.

Exposure to new viewpoints will help to challenge what they read, see, hear and learn.

Your child will be ready to answer questions of any topics with their developed critical thinking skill.

Access to Various Exercises and Past Papers from Top Schools

English Teachers in SLC are constantly updated to receive the latest papers and exercises from other schools.

By familiarising students with all types of questions found in top school papers, they gain exposure to multiple topics and the skill to identify question types.

This skill could just earn your child crucial marks in their exams!

Specialised O Level English Tuition Class

The O Level Examination is coming up but your child still feels unprepared?

It is a very important exam, and every student wants to do their best in it. For those aiming to go to a particular Junior College or Polytechnic, aceing the English paper is crucial for your entry too!

Our English teachers use a special approach to ensure our students ace their O Level Examinations.

Our teaching methods include analysing past ‘O’ Level papers, eradicating common mistakes by students and teaching important examination strategies.

Make sure your child learns all the key formulas and secrets of how to ace their English Paper 1 and Paper 2 by signing them up for SLC Secondary English Classes today!

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Good scores with great writing skills don’t come overnight.

It takes a lot of hard work and the right guidance.

Enrol your child in SLC today to see them ace their school examinations or O Levels.

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