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SLC Has Identified the Perfect Learning Strategies
to Boost English Language Skills in Secondary School Students!

When all the English tuition centres in Singapore seem to offer the same thing, it can be confusing to choose the ideal secondary school English tuition for your child.

An easy way to filter out the noise?

The best English tuition centres have reputations and results that you can trust.

SLC Is a Top-Rated Secondary English Tuition Centre

At SLC, our reputation and how our students excel speak for themselves.
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Our teaching methods are endorsed by parents like you, earning us media features on media outlets we Singaporeans all know and love.

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Do you want your child’s English grades to look like this? Here’s how SLC makes it possible.

Choose SLC: the English Tuition Centre that Understands Students’ Unique Challenges

At SLC, we believe it’s possible for your child to both ace their English national examinations and enjoy learning English.

But getting secondary school students there doesn’t happen overnight.

They need engaging English tutors who know the ins and outs of learning English.

At the centre of this is: being aware of the unique challenges that secondary school students who need English tuition face.

Challenges for Lower Secondary Students (Sec 1-2)

  • Fear of asking questions during English lessons
  • Difficulty memorising overwhelming content required to score well in exams
  • Difficulty applying critical thinking concepts during English examinations
  • Lack of proper foundation at the primary school English level

Challenges for Upper Secondary Students (Sec 3–5)

  • Trouble balancing academics and CCA
  • Unable to understand exam answering requirements, leading to poor marks
  • Loss of confidence due to low English grade
  • Stress and demotivation from huge workload and upcoming O-level exams
With ever-mounting academic pressure, difficulties transitioning from primary to secondary school, and more, it can be too much too fast for your kid to handle.

But Not All Hope is Lost!

SLC: The Best English Tuition Centre to Help Your Child Excel in English Language Classes

Engaging Secondary English Tuition Classes

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English tuition classes that are just repeats of school classes? Not at SLC!

Our dedicated team of highly-qualified tutors are former school instructors with decades of teaching experience related to the Secondary MOE English syllabus.

They know how to keep students actively engaged during the learning process, leading to a better grasp of English that translates into improved academic skills.

Unique Secondary School English Tuition Curriculum

english tutor english language syllabus
SLC doesn’t want to create mindless robots who just memorise and write.

Beyond comprehension and writing skills, we emphasise current world affairs in our English tuition classes.

Increasing students’ general knowledge during the learning journey allows them to develop critical thinking skills, thus, helping them grasp complex text topics and write well-informed compositions.

Access to Various Exercises and Past Papers from Top Schools

secondary school students tackling english exam questions
By partnering with top schools to receive the latest school exams and exercises, your child can familiarize themselves with different question types and know how to answer them.

We break down various answering techniques for topics ranging from continuous writing assignments to comprehension questions.

This can help them gain crucial marks in the national English examinations!

Specialised O-Level English Tuition Class

oral communication skills

We understand just how crucial your child’s O-level examination is.

For those aiming to go to a particular Junior College or Polytechnic Foundation Programme, a top English grade is crucial for application.

Using tried-and-tested methods with constantly evolving strategies, SLC has developed a Specialised O-Level English Tuition Class to maximise your child’s chances for success.

Secure a Bright Future for Your Child with SLC’s Effective English Tuition in Singapore

Make sure your child learns all the key formulas and secrets of how to ace their O-level English paper!

We want all our students to succeed as much as you do.

Sign your child up for our Secondary English Tuition Classes today!

Start with our FREE profile banding assessment to help us create the best learning environment for them.

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