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PSLE Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Ace PSLE Chinese with the School of Language and Communication (SLC) tuition centre!

The Chinese Language is spoken regularly and is the mother tongue of many in Singapore.

Yet, Chinese is notoriously hard for a child to pick up, especially since many of us speak English at home.

At the Primary 1 level, students with no basic foundation for these Chinese lessons find it a challenge to pay attention to the syllabus, let alone score an A!

School teachers constantly push students to utilise Chinese more frequently, handing out generalised learning materials and past examination papers for practice.

As the parents, you’re getting endless complaints from your demotivated child who is stressed from getting low marks for Chinese again and again. You’ve bought them countless study materials, gone through their syllabus together, only to have your parent-child relationship become strained.

So, you start searching for the best learning centre for Chinese tuition in Singapore, but the tuition agency rejected your child due to poor grades. The goal is to protect their stellar track record for high-scoring students and low-scoring children may not fit their projected goals.

It feels like you’ve exhausted every option – how will your child ever learn their mother tongue?

Or perhaps your child’s Chinese results have been stagnant and you want to see improvement. However, the Chinese tuition that he has been attending is just teaching using memory by rote.

Not all hope is lost!

SLC is the top primary school Chinese tuition in Singapore that saves your child’s failing grades with our proven and effective bottom-up foundational approach.​

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SLC: Primary School Chinese Tuition To Achieve Improvement

Before primary school students can score high grades or ace PSLE Chinese, they require adequate background knowledge and understanding of Chinese. The basic grasp of Chinese needs to be there before children can move on to any application of the language.

At SLC, we recognise that this is achievable only when your child is learning Chinese using a method optimised for you.

Students’ journey at SLC begins with a diagnostic assessment that targets 3 key components:

students learning style


Students’ type of learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) is determined to identify their best mode of learning and skills retention.

collaborative chinese tuition


To facilitate immersive learning, our diagnostic test discovers the most conducive learning environment and dynamics possible for each student.

primary school chinese proficiency


The diagnostic test will reveal students’ grasp of Chinese from multiple aspects, allowing us to group tuition students according to their demonstrated skills.

PSLE Chinese Tuition Singapore

Why Choose SLC for Primary School & PSLE Chinese Tuition Singapore

It is imperative for students to understand key concepts before branching out into more complicated areas. At SLC, we work with your child’s pace and current abilities to cultivate their skills in Chinese.

Here’s how SLC sets itself apart from every other Chinese tuition centre in Singapore:

Foundation Classes for Chinese

Did you know that the struggling primary school student only has a pre-school level of proficiency in Chinese?

Growing up in the increasingly English-oriented society of Singapore, many students lack the opportunity to utilise Chinese in their daily lives.

This leads to a negative impact on their learning of Chinese due to limited knowledge of key Chinese vocabulary and rules needed to cope with regular assignments and tests in primary school.

Thus, before syllabus-based Chinese tuition can begin, students need to establish a basic understanding of the language, especially of Hanyu Pinyin.

SLC provides Chinese foundation classes to help students with building these fundamental skills alongside their confidence.

School Accredited & Bilingual Chinese Tutors

Our Chinese tutors are well-versed syllabus. Thus, they are able to help students score in exams, especially because of

  • our Chinese tutors’ experience of teaching in primary school

  • their expertise in marking exam papers allows students to learn the best way to get marks

While these are undeniable benefits, SLC believes in more than high marks. We want our students to be able to understand and appreciate the Chinese language as a whole, not just a subject.

That’s why our teachers are also effectively bilingual, providing English translation for Chinese terms and concepts. This helps students comprehend the language and build their vocabulary.

Core Banded Classes

One of the major reasons why students have trouble focusing in Chinese school lessons is because of the pacing. Teachers can only go at one speed, and there are not enough resources to coach each student individually.

This leads to quicker students feeling bored and understimulated, while disadvantaged students are overwhelmed and demotivated.

SLC avoids this problem altogether by narrowly categorising students with similar learning abilities and cognitive-behavioural combinations into banded group tuition classes.

This allows our Chinese tutors to conduct classes at an effective pace whereby students are able to

  • process learning materials at a pace they are comfortable with.

  • receive dedicated help with tutors who are attuned to the needs of each band.

  • work together with other students to improve in ways greater than just practising past exam papers.

Unique Modular Approach

SLC fosters deeper comprehension of Chinese as both a language and a subject in your children. We do so by implementing a step-by-step approach that breaks down the Chinese primary school syllabus into bite-sized topics.

This provides students with the building blocks needed to achieve a critical application of Chinese on examination papers and in real life.

Rather than forcing students to answer drill practice after drill practice, we break down comprehension and composition into conceptual modules to give students a better grasp on understanding question types and applying answering strategies.

Boost Chinese Grades and Breeze Through PSLE with SLC’s Chinese Tuition Singapore!

Not all hope is lost for your child’s Chinese language grades.

We believe that all students can succeed in learning Chinese – they just haven’t found the right tools and approach to learning yet.

SLC bridges this gap with our proven effective methods and core banded group tuition classes.

With a strong enough primary school foundation, your child even has the chance to progress to Higher Chinese!

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