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Boost Chinese Grades in Just 8 Weeks (Even When All Other Methods Have Failed!)

Chinese is notoriously hard for a child to pick up, especially since many of us speak English at home.

School teachers have been complaining about your child’s demotivation, and you’ve even tried to hire a Chinese private tutor, yet your child’s grades remain stagnant.

It feels like you’ve exhausted every option – how will your child ever learn their mother tongue?

Not all hope is lost!

SLC is the top primary school Chinese tuition in Singapore that saves your child’s failing grades with our proven and effective bottom-up foundational approach.​

The Primary School Chinese Tuition that Sets Up Students for Success

Primary school students require a basic grasp of Chinese before they can score high grades or ace the PSLE Chinese examination.

At SLC, we recognise that this is achievable only when your child is learning Chinese using a method optimised for them.

Here’s how we succeeded in nurturing young students with our foolproof, personalised methods:

The Proof is in the Results!


Your child’s primary school Chinese exams could look like this after enrolling in our Chinese tuition centre!

How SLC Sets Itself Apart from Every Other Chinese Tutor in Singapore

Personalised Learning Process

At SLC, we believe that every child can hone their Chinese skills.

While formal education utilises a one-size-fits-all approach, we’ve broken the mould to personalise Chinese lessons to individual students.

Beginning with a free profile banding assessment to facilitate immersive learning, we will evaluate your child in 3 key areas:

students learning style


To evaluate their favoured method of learning—visual, auditory, or kinesthetic (VAK)—and understand their memorisation style.
collaborative chinese tuition


Behavioural combination refers to your child’s motivation and attitude towards learning language and other subjects at home and school.

primary school chinese proficiency


Beyond hearing, speaking, reading, and writing skills, SLC also evaluates students’ comprehension and interpretive capabilities, vocabulary size, and ability to express themselves.

We then use your child’s results to decide on the most suitable teaching approach and which students to group them with for the best learning environment possible.

Foundation Chinese Tuition Class

Did you know that the average struggling primary school student only has a pre-school proficiency in Chinese?

Before primary students can tackle challenging PSLE Chinese composition and other Chinese paper components, they must establish a basic understanding of the language.

SLC provides foundation, Chinese tuition classes, to help English-speaking students build these fundamental skills in their Chinese learning progress.

Effectively Bilingual, School-Accredited Chinese Tutors

Our experienced Chinese tutors are well-versed in the school syllabus, helping students excel in the PSLE Chinese exam.

Furthermore, we want our students to understand and appreciate the Chinese language as a whole, not just a subject.

Our experienced teachers are also effectively bilingual, providing English translation to help students better comprehend the language and build their Chinese vocabulary.

Unique Modular Approach to Teaching Chinese

Our PSLE Chinese tuition fosters deeper comprehension of Chinese as both a language and a subject by implementing a step-by-step approach that breaks down the Chinese primary school syllabus into bite-sized topics.

Rather than forcing students to answer drill practice after drill practice, we break down comprehension and composition into conceptual modules.

Our unique way of teaching Chinese gives students a better grasp of understanding question types and applying answering strategies.

Flexible Chinese Tuition Classes

Our primary school Chinese tuition centre currently offers both physical and online Chinese tuition to all students.

We encourage flexibility and do not want students to miss out on their Chinese enrichment classes.

In other words, students who cannot attend physically on specific days are welcome to participate in online Chinese lessons via Zoom.

Boost Chinese Grades and Breeze Through the PSLE Chinese Examination with SLC!

We believe that all students can succeed in learning Chinese – they just haven’t found the right tools and approach to learning!

SLC bridges this gap with our proven effective methods and core banded group tuition classes.

Sign your child up for our primary school Chinese tuition classes today!

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Have older children who need support as well?

SLC also provides secondary school Chinese tuition. Find out how we help secondary school students with O-Level Chinese and Higher Chinese subjects.