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SLC’s Primary English Tuition in Singapore: What It Takes to Ace English Exams

The Primary School English Tuition Centre You Choose Can Make or Break Your Child’s English Language Skills

Is your child dreading their primary English language classes?

Have they gone through countless assessment books and weekly lessons without any effect on stagnant grades?

At this point, you may be as discouraged as they are.

For Primary school kids, getting them to grow an interest in the English language is crucial to getting them to do well in the English national examinations.

Don’t fret; our English tuition centre can help turn your child into the best English expert they could be.

Firstly, Is Primary School English Tuition Worth It?

Yes! But choosing the right primary school English tuition centre is only half the equation for improving English grades.

The other half is ensuring you start building this English base as early as possible.

Most parents would only send secondary students to English tuition centres to prepare for O-Level English examinations. It could be already too late by then!

Primary school kids are the best age to build a strong foundation in English.

Here’s how SLC succeeded in nurturing young students during this critical period:

“Barely passing to AL 5 Grade in just five months!”

finally passed english after slc primary school english tuition in singapore

Olivya, Primary 5 Student

“Achieved top grade of AL 2!”
significant improvements due to slc primary school english tuition in singapore

Edward Lai, Primary 4 Student

“From AL 5 to AL 4 in just 12 weeks!”
primary school english tuition proven track record

Lau Cheuk Hang, Primary 6 Student

The Proof is in the Results

As one of the leading primary English tuition centres, we understand that getting everything right is crucial to your child’s English language education and eventual PSLE English exam.

Here’s what makes SLC’s English tuition classes a cut above the rest:

Highly Experienced Teachers

more than a decade of teaching experience across primary and secondary levels

Our teaching methodologies are based on our very own Mr Ben’s beliefs in child psychology and behavioural science.

Then, our effectively bilingual English tutors with years of teaching experience break down this curriculum into easy-to-apply strategies for our primary school students.

In turn, this promotes active learning and cultivates critical thinking skills in students, supporting the growth of even more advanced academic skills in the future.

Get to know your child’s potential English tuition tutors here.

SLC’s Unique Learning Process

child's interest in learning english
All work and no play is no way to learn.

Thus, included in our English programme are fun activities to boost vocabulary and spelling, improve critical reading and writing skills, and more!

Furthermore, each English tuition class groups students with similar learning strengths and cognitive-behavioural combinations so your kid can learn in a nurturing environment.

We also offer both physical and online classes to fit students’ needs.

PSLE-Focused Primary English Tuition Classes

correct techniques for significant improvement in psle english paper

Your child’s PSLE results will determine which secondary school they go to, so it’s essential to get them PSLE-ready.

To do this, we use a semi-structured curriculum that revolves around these key points:

  • Understanding the structure of the PSLE National English examinations across four main areas
  • Regular course reviews from our Academic Advisors (retired senior teachers and HODs) aimed to bridge students’ learning gaps.
  • Analyses of past PSLE English papers to ensure a better understanding of questions and topics
  • Up-to-date knowledge about the latest MOE syllabus to teach relevant strategies that ensure strong academic performance in English lessons and exams.

Ready to Help Your Child Be the Best They Can Be?

Don’t wait; enrol your child in SLC’s primary English tuition classes to maximize their chances of acing their PSLE exams!

Beyond English examination grades, our effective strategies also ensure major improvement in your child’s confidence in the language!

To begin, make sure to get a FREE profile banding assessment first.

This way, we can create the most conducive learning environment and match them with similar peers.

This evaluation also comes with FREE tips and exam papers, so make sure not to miss out!

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