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English Tuition Students with Learning Vocabulary Words

For Primary school kids, getting them to grow an interest in the English language is crucial to getting them to do well in English.

Doing assessment books after assessment books is not the solution for young minds.

The School of Language and Communication (SLC) tuition centres can assist you in turning your child into the English expert that they can be with a great learning experience!

Read on to find out how SLC does it.

Is Primary School English Tuition Worth It?

English is an important language for children to master as it is one of the main forms of communication in schools and in life.

However, most parents would only send their child to tuition centres when they’re in secondary school out of fear for the O Levels.

It could be already too late by then!

A child may have a weak command of English because they missed the perfect chance to lay a solid foundation at an early age.

By sending your child to SLC’s Primary English tuition, your child will find it easy to ace their PSLE and strengthen their command of the English Language.

Who Are Our Teachers?

When you send your child to a tuition centre, it’s very important to know who the people teaching your kids are.

SLC is proud to say that our teachers have years of experience with a proven track record of successful students.

One of them would be Mr Ben.

Mr Ben is a former school instructor specialising in English language and communication.

He is effectively bilingual and possesses more than half a decade worth of teaching experience from teaching in both primary and secondary schools.

Being a strong believer in child psychology and behavioural science, Mr Ben designs SLC’s pedagogy and curricula to boost student interest and motivation in English and Chinese subjects.

Are you ready to get a glimpse into the SLC tuition centre?

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English Tuition for Primary School Students

English Tuition Centres with Small Class Size

As important as grades are, SLC recognises that children can’t just keep studying all day.

Thus, we aim to motivate and encourage the student to love the subject instead.

SLC’s English tuition programme aims to:

  • Build a strong English Language foundation

  • Boost students vocabulary by providing vocabulary and spelling lists

  • Encourage students to develop a love and ease of writing

  • Prepare students to speak about a variety of topics in an oral test setting

By encouraging your child’s interest in the English language, learning English will be a lot more fun for them, and their grades will soon improve significantly.

Don’t forget that SLC has a PSLE focused tuition class as well!

Is Your Child Ready for PSLE?

Students Learning Grammar Rules in English Tuition in Singapore

Performing well for PSLE could just lay a foundation to a brighter future for your child.

PSLE can determine which secondary school your child goes to and it is in a parent’s nature to want the best for their child.

SLC pride ourselves on the easy-to-apply strategies that we impart to our students.

Be it in writing, paper 2 components or oral, our students have the relevant strategies to confidently answer their exams.

Understanding the PLSE English Curriculum

To ensure that our students are well prepared for PSLE, SLC makes certain that our primary English teachers have a thorough understanding of the PSLE syllabus.

Singapore’s Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) has been implementing the current PSLE Primary English syllabus since 2015, and it concentrates on FOUR major areas:



Students will be evaluated on their ability to use Situational Writing and Continuous Writing.

The weightage and total duration for this paper are 27.5% and 1h and 10min respectively.


Language Use and Comprehension

Paper 2 is divided into 2 booklets:

Booklet A

  • Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ)

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Vocabulary Cloze

  • Visual Text Comprehension

Booklet B

  • Grammar Cloze

  • Editing for Spelling and Grammar

  • Comprehension Cloze

  • Synthesis and Transformation

  • Comprehension.

The weightage and total duration for this paper are 47.5% and 1h and 50min respectively.


Listening Comprehension

For paper 3, students will listen to an audio broadcast (usually twice) and answer a MCQ questionnaire of 20 questions.

The weightage and total duration for this paper are 10% and approximately 35min respectively.


Oral Communication

This paper is an oral examination setting.

Students will be tested on Reading Aloud and Visual Stimulus-based Conversation.

The weightage and total duration for this paper are 15% and approximately 10min (5min of preparation 5min of exam time) respectively.

What Does SLC’s Curricular Encompass?

Highly structured curricula are extremely rigid and may not satisfy every individual’s learning needs.

By using a semi-structured curriculum, SLC provides teachers and students more authority and flexibility than other tuition centres.

Our Academic Advisors, who are retired senior teachers and HODs, review our courses on a regular basis to ensure that our primary teachers can swiftly adapt to students’ requirements and learning gaps.

Students are encouraged to inform our teachers of any upcoming weighted assessments so that our teachers can arrange classes to focus on the areas that the students are concerned about.

Our SLC English tuition teachers know that PSLE Exams can be daunting to our young students, which is why our English teachers devote their time to preparing your child to ace their exams.

Our teaching methodologies include analysing past PSLE English papers and eliminating common mistakes by students.

SLC proudly says that our teaching strategies are proven to work.

Ready to Help Your Child Be the Best They Can Be?

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