Is your child struggling to learn Chinese? Is the traditional method of tuition, classes and exams not working for him/her?

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding children learning Chinese. Mandarin cannot be mastered from just simple memorization.

It requires frequent practice, a deeper understanding of the Chinese language, and passion for the language that you are learning.

How can you spark your child’s passion for learning Mandarin?

Read more to discover how you can support your child in their Mandarin Chinese language learning journey!

Watch Movies and TV shows in Mandarin

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Watching Chinese films and TV series can be very beneficial for children who are learning Mandarin. Children can mimic conversations in Chinese that they hear in the dialogue of the show.

This mimicking action allows for them to subconsciously pick up the Chinese tones and basic pronunciation, and aid them in practicing their pronunciation.

Another benefit is that it enriches them with conversational phrases in Chinese, and can improve their listening comprehension.

Children can also pick out words that sound informal, so that they can learn how to speak Chinese in everyday conversations with their friends. Daily communication with their peers can further ingrain the language into their everyday life.

Even if you’re not ready to commit to watching Chinese movies, you can always turn on the Mandarin Chinese subtitle option on your child’s regular programs!

Subtitles can help them in learning Chinese, and makes them utilize their bilingual skills to connect words between the two languages.

Start Watching and Reading News in Mandarin

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Current affairs are very important for the younger generation, so you can try introducing your child to Chinese news media.

Through reading formal Chinese news websites, your child can be more exposed to Chinese characters, meanings of Chinese words and Chinese culture all at the same time.

If they do not know a specific character, they can refer to a Chinese dictionary, or ask one of their friends or teachers who are native Chinese speakers.

This can also help them think in Mandarin Chinese, and expand their knowledge of formal Chinese language sentences characters.

Word Guessing Games


Much like charades, you can have word guessing games sessions with your child, but in Chinese! An activity like charades, Telephone, Alias or Taboo can engage children who have a kinesthetic learning style.

Techniques like this allow your child to be physically active in learning Chinese. Its game-like nature will definitely lengthen their attention span and make them think harder than in a class setting.

This can be especially beneficial for competitive children, as it gives them the opportunity to remember Chinese characters and the feeling of satisfaction from winning a game.

Have Conversations in Mandarin

speaking chinese daily

This tip might seem basic for how to learn Chinese, but is probably the most important one.

Chinese language students can only learn properly though being corrected when speaking Chinese, only then will they be able to master spoken Mandarin.

Try and slowly slip in Mandarin in your everyday conversation with your child if you’re a native speaker. If you’re not, then try to find other children your child can befriend and practice with!

An active method like this can help them with their Chinese grammar, and how to speak Chinese properly.

Speaking about their interests in Mandarin can also definitely make it more fun for your child to learn Chinese!

If your child is interested in a certain movie or TV series, you can try asking them questions about it in Mandarin Chinese. They will be sure to at least try to respond in the same language!

Encourage Your Child To Have A Mandarin Chinese Journal


Chinese characters can be hard to remember. Many schools force children to simply memorize each Chinese character strokes by number. However, this may not be the most efficient way to learn Chinese.

Practicing writing through a Chinese language learning journal can help them learn Chinese more efficiently. It is much less stressful for your child to do so since it is an ungraded outlet. Furthermore, writing in a journal about their feelings may help familiarize them with the Chinese writing system more intimately.

If your child makes a mistake in any of the Chinese characters, they can look back on the journal and correct themselves on their own.

Stressful factors such as strict teachers and exams may affect their motivation to learn Chinese, so by taking that stressful factor out, it can help them develop a more fun perspective of Mandarin Chinese.

You can introduce them to something as simple as Word Of The Day, and let them make as many Mandarin Chinese sentences as they can with that word in their journal!

Take Your Child To SLC!


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