Key Teacher Highlights  

Key Teachers


English, Chinese and Higher Chinese (Primary and Secondary level)

Mr Ben who is currently pursuing a Master of Education degree, is a former instructor specialising in English and Chinese language and communication. He also holds a BSc Honours degree (Second Upper Class) and a bilingual diploma in Chinese Media & Communication. He is effectively bilingual and possesses more than half a decade worth of teaching experience having taught in both primary and secondary schools. He is a strong believer in child psychology and behavioural science and designs SLC’s pedagogy and curricula to boost student interest and motivation in English and Chinese subjects.

Chloe 蒋老师

Chinese and Higher Chinese (Primary and Secondary level)

Teacher Chloe is a former senior teacher who has more than 20 years of teaching experience. Many students find her a very patient and caring teacher and have made marked improvement in their Chinese grades under her tutelage.

Ms Tan 陈老师

Chinese and Higher Chinese (Primary and Secondary level)

Armed with a Chinese teaching diploma, former Chinese language instructor Ms Tan is well loved by many students. Being a visual and kinesthetic learner herself, she understands the challenges her students face with learning the Chinese language. She shares her experience in lifting batches and batches of students from the trenches of failing grades and coordinates the Chinese teaching curriculum and teacher training at SLC.

YQ 戴老师

Chinese and Higher Chinese (Primary and Secondary level)

Having aced in Chinese Language and Literature himself, teacher YQ designs creative teaching methodologies and high quality curriculum materials for P1 Preparatory Chinese classes, Chinese foundation classes (Primary and Secondary) and Secondary Higher Chinese advanced comprehension and narrative writing programmes.

Jin 劲老师

English, Chinese and Higher Chinese (Primary and Secondary level)

An avid learner who is deeply vested in sociology and current affairs, Jin is a former English and Chinese language instructor who majored in the Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies and Diploma in Mass Communication. Armed with strong writing skills, he shares his passion for English and Chinese languages at SLC.

Mr Koh 许老师

Chinese and Higher Chinese (Primary and Secondary level) and English (Primary level)

Mr Koh is a retired senior teacher with more than 40 years of teaching experience. At SLC, he shares his wealth of experience with younger teachers in teaching both Primary and Secondary students. Having amassed rich experience at schools as an examination marker, he shares important examination strategies with his students in order to help them achieve academic excellence.